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Mission Opportunities

Our Vision

Called to Make Disciples of Jesus Christfor the Transformation of the World

St. Matthias VIew on Missions [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
The mission of the Church is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Local churches, like St Matthias, provide the most significant arena through which disciple-making occurs.

Our missions are a grace-filled response to the reign of God in the world announced by Jesus Christ. Our church seeks to maintain a clear sense of mission so that God may use us to save people, heal relationships, transform social structures, and spread scriptural holiness. We embrace Jesus’ mandate to love God and to love our neighbors to make disciples of all people

St Matthias uses a variety of local, regional, national, and worldwide mission outreaches to demonstrate the presence of the living God among us and to build up our members and others in their faith and its outward expression of mission service to others. The diversity of our mission projects seeks to enable each individual to apply his or her gifts for service throughout the year. We are always seeking to sustain our ongoing missions and also continuing to grow in our faith and service by offering new mission opportunities. The list of missions is ever-changing as God continues to call us.

This booklet is an attempt to consolidate the missions at St Matthias. It is a “living” document that will be updated every three years as we expand our missions based on hearing the call and answering it. It does not and cannot reflect the magnitude of the love and generosity of the men, women, youth, and children who give their time, talents, gifts, and service in other ways. For further information regarding any of the missions, please contact the pastor or the Mission Committee chair.

Servanthood [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
Webster defines a volunteer as “one who chooses freely to do something” and a servant as “a person devoted to another or to a cause, creed, etc.”

The difference between a volunteer and a servant is a volunteer gives what is convenient when it’s convenient. The servant serves at the whim and direction of the Master. Volunteer is the language of the world; Servant is the language of the Kingdom.

When it comes to the church, the body of Christ, we attempt to see ourselves as a servant not a volunteer? When we get to heaven, we do not want to hear God say, Well, you volunteered when you could BUT, instead say, Well done, good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Master.”

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4:1: Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. And so we shall. We shall no longer refer to ourselves and the people of St Matthias as volunteers we are servants. It is not semantics; it is a deep change in worldview. It is adopting Kingdom-talk and Kingdom-values. Serving Him is not only one of the greatest joys in life but it also brings HOPE to others.

Biblical Foundation [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
Do not let loyalty and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and of people. Proverbs 3:3-4

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

And whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple—truly I tell you, none of these will lose their reward. Matthew 10:42

So it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost. Matthew 18:14

He said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37, 39

What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but not works? James 2:14

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. 1 Peter 4:10

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. 1 John 3:18

May God bless the men, women, youth, and children of St Matthias who hear the call to give their presence, prayers, gifts, service, and witness among the least of these. We welcome you to join us in the mission field.[/showhide]


St Matthias continues to be an active member of the local community, along with the Rappahannock River District, in reaching out to our closest neighbors with genuine Christian love and service. The following are opportunities for local community missions.

COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY  [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] St Matthias provides a food pantry to serve those in need of food and personal hygiene items in the church and community. Donations can be put in the collection box in the Mission hallway or left in the church office.  For more information regarding the Food Pantry, contact Karen Breghenti or Dottie Prater. (ONGOING)
1. Fresh Food Godmother: Fresh food (eggs, vegetables, and fruit) is available by appointment. Contact Margaret Ann Holt for further information.
2. Holiday Dinners: Individuals can sponsor a complete dinner for a family. A list of what to buy for the box is provided. Families are vetted through social services and our office. [/showhide]
CAMPUS CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  St Matthias has partnered with the Campus Christian Community (CCC) at the University of Mary Washington to provide dinner twice per semester for the students’ Thursday evening “Table Talk” Bible study. We bring the meal to the CCC facility and then enjoy dinner with these enthusiastic young Christians. We are blessed by their energy and their love of the Lord, and we find it a privilege to be able to help support them both with food and with encouragement, as well as with financial support for their spring mission trips. Servants are always needed to help prepare and deliver the meals to the students! Contact Mary Ella Fuquay for further information. (SCHOOL YEAR)  [/showhide]
CHILDREN’S MISSIONS [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  Our focus is on helping the young children in our church understand what faith is, believing in the Lord, praying and reading God’s Word, and being led by the Holy Spirit. The age of the child determines the way we teach these principles. All children, regardless of their age, can understand helping another child; this becomes something with which they can identify. To that end, the missions we embark on have a focus on something children are capable of doing. The following are some of the missions the children help support.
2. Other Projects: Children participating in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Kid’s Club, and Scouting ministries are challenged to be generous by participating in funding special projects, making items for shut-ins, collecting food, visiting, and other opportunities to reach out with Christ’s love. (ONGOING)  [/showhide]
CHOICES WOMEN’S CENTER [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  The Choices Women’s Center provides a variety of services and support (medical, counseling, Bible studies, mentoring) to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. We are given baby bottle banks for us to collect money from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day to support the Center. Our point of contact is Joan Polen. (ANNUALLY)  [/showhide]
DOVE PROJECT [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  Dove gifts are for designated mentally handicapped and elderly individuals within the community. The gifts are specific to the individual and are collected in early December. Numbered paper doves with the gender, sizes, and a list of desires are posted on the Mission’s bulletin board each November. Contributors may remove one or more doves from the board, purchase appropriate gifts for the person described, and return the gifts to the church. Our contact is Rosa Hogue. (ANNUALLY)  [/showhide]
FLOWER FAIRY MINISTRY [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  When the Sunday morning altar flowers are not taken by the person who has paid for them, a member of our church “recycles” them into numerous small table-top arrangements. They are then distributed to various people and locations such as members of our church, the Sunshine Lady House, Micah Ministries, Hope House, the Kenmore Club, and the Thurman Brisbane homeless shelter. Our “flower fairy” is Margaret Ann Holt. (ONGOING)  [/showhide]
HEARTWOOD MINISTRIES [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Heartwood Ministries is a mission of the Rappahannock River District of the UMC and includes the Food Program, which provides meals to children and families in Stafford and Fauquier Counties who are suffering from food insecurity. In conjunction with Heartwood Ministries, St Matthias receives donations of food and also purchases food for two-day bags, which are given to children during the summer food program (June-August) and during winter (December) and spring (March or April) breaks during the school year. The church also provides servants to serve at the food distribution sites and to help deliver the food to Stafford County Schools. Money is budgeted in the mission budget to cover the cost of food for this program. For further information, contact Tammi Ellis. (ONGOING)[/showhide]
INTERFAITH COMMUNITY COUNCIL [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Fredericksburg Interfaith Community Council is a consortium of 30 local religious and benevolent groups that attend to various needs of the local community. St Matthias provides financial support to this group annually. The dollar amount is set by the Council. (ANNUALLY) School Dressing Days: In August, before the schools in the area begin, the Fredericksburg Interfaith Community Council sponsors School Dressing Days. The program has been in existence for many years and has become increasingly popular for less fortunate families with school-age children. Our church donates new clothing items, school supplies, money, and servants on days needed to sort clothing and school items and to escort families around to “shop” for clothing.  (ANNUALLY)[/showhide]
LOVE AND LAUNDRY [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] St Matthias UMC has partnered with a local laundromat, the Laundry Basket, to provide free washing and drying on a once-a-month basis. On a selected Friday of each month, from 1-5 pm, we provide quarters to help pay for the laundry for each patron or family who comes to the Laundry Basket. We talk with the patrons, pray with them when appropriate, and share with them the message of God’s love and caring. We distribute information about our church and its upcoming events, give little goodie bags to the children who come in with their families, and offer assistance in any way we can. The generosity of the St Matthias church members, who donate their quarters to us, has made it possible for us to help an average of 15 patrons/families, at a cost of about $150.00 each month! We are always looking for helpers with this mutually-blessing ministry! Contact Mary Ella Fuquay if you are
interested in helping. (MONTHLY)[/showhide]
MICAH ECUMENICAL MINISTRIES [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Micah Ecumenical Ministries is supported by many churches in the Fredericksburg area. The following are some of the ways St Matthias supports that ministries.
1. Micah Cold Weather Shelter: From November to March, the Micah Ecumenical Program opens a cold weather shelter for the homeless at night. We provide a couple of teams twice a month (third and fourth Monday nights) to make up beds and in-process the homeless at the shelter for the evening. We also provide a pair of clean white socks, underwear, and undershirts for each resident. For more information on the Micah Ecumenical Ministries go to www.micahfredericksburg.org or contact Dave or Trudy Monroe.
4. Christmas Eve Dinner: We serve 50-60 guests at the Cold Weather Shelter and area homeless who do not stay at the shelter who would not have a meal otherwise as the local churches take that evening off for the opportunity to spend time with their families and worshiping at their own churches. (ANNUALLY)
5. As Needed Services: We also provide transportation to doctor appointments, area food banks, and other destinations that are important for them to get to. We purchase new shoes/boot A group of servants from St Matthias work with the teachers at nearby Grafton Village Elementary School to tutor students, help with special projects and events, and assist in the library with the primary grade children. We work with small groups or with individual students, helping children in the tasks or areas in which “catch-up” is needed. We are always looking for additional “buddies” to help with this ministry of assisting children to learn and enjoy success in school. Contact Mary Ella Fuquay if you are interested in helping with this ministry. (SCHOOL YEAR) [/showhide]
REBUILDING TOGETHER [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Rebuilding Together is a national organization with 187 chapters bringing over 100,000 servants to donate their time and talents to provide home rehabilitation and modification services to homeowners in need. Rebuilding Together’s Vision Statement is “A safe and healthy home for every person,” and its Mission Statement is “Bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners”. The Fredericksburg chapter covers people in need in the City of Fredericksburg and Stafford and Spotsylvania counties. Servants include individuals from various local churches and nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. This event is held annually in April on a specific weekend. For further information go to www.rebuildingtogether.org or contact the president of our UM Men. (ANNUALLY) [/showhide]
SALVATION ARMY MINISTRIES [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Their message is based on the Bible, their ministry is motivated by the love of God, and their mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as they meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Every program they offer is rooted in their passion to serve God by serving the lost, the vulnerable, the needy, the poor, the hurting, the helpless, and the hopeless.
1. Salvation Army Toyland and Shoe Fund: St Matthias monetarily supports the Salvation Army’s Toyland (Christmas program) and shoe fund (school-aged children in need of shoes). Toyland is where the Angels (see below) and food are assembled and processed to give to needy families who have been vetted by the Salvation Army. The shoe fund provides shoe vouchers for specific shoe stores, which have a prearranged agreement with the Salvation Army, to students whom the school nurses have determined are in need of shoes. Our contact is Evette Russett. (ANNUALLY)
2. Angel Tree Project: The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program provides new clothing and/or toys for children in the local area. Numbered paper angel tags with the first name, age, gender, sizes, and desires of a child who will receive the gift are posted on the Mission’s bulletin board each November. Contributors may remove one or more angels from the board and purchase appropriate gifts to be brought back to the church, picked up by the Salvation Army, and distributed to the child/children for Christmas Day. Our contact is Evette Russett (ANNUALLY)[/showhide]
SCOUTING PROGRAMS [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
2. Girl Scout Troops 169/278/5059: The St Matthias United Methodist Women (UMW) sponsors Girl Scout Troop 169, Troop 278, and Troop 5059 for girls ages 5-10. The troops are composed of school grade subdivisions of Daisy (K-1), Brownie (2-3), and Junior (4-5) scouts. The troops share in some of the mission activities of the church on an ongoing basis. Our church also provides meeting space for planning and training activities for thecommunity Girl Scout programs. Troop 169 meets on Tuesday evenings, Troop 278 meets every other Tuesday evening, and Troop 5059 meets on Wednesday evenings. Our Girl Scout representative is Angelique White-Toombs; however, the following are the individual troop leaders: Troop 169, Dyan Petke; Troop 278, Judith Miller; and Troop 5059, Angelique White-Toombs. (ONGOING)
3. Scouting for Food: On the first Saturday in November to support BSA’s Annual Scouting Good Turn for Food, Scouts from Cub Pack 213 distribute food collection bags to neighborhoods within the community. The following Saturday they collect the donations and provide them our church’s food pantry. (ANNUALLY)[/showhide]
THURMAN BRISBEN CENTER [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] The Thurman Brisben Center is a year-round homeless shelter facility. In addition to short-term housing, they also provide counseling and support services to the community and those in need of housing and employment. St Matthias has supported Thurman Brisben for several years primarily through the donation of money, food, supplies, and also meal service. Under the leadership of Collins Wetzel, a small group of servants from the church plans, prepares, and serves a hot dinner meal to the approximately 90 residents at the center six times a year. The meal service requires about six servants who meet around 3:30pm to prepare and then serve the evening meal. A sign-up sheet is posted on the main bulletin board prior to each scheduled date. A complete list of needs and more information about the center and its programs are available at  www.brisbencenter.org. (BI-MONTHLY)[/showhide]


The members of St Matthias recognize we are not alone in our mission needs here in the local area. We continually seek to reach out to our neighbors within our region. The following are opportunities for regional mission activities.

SOCIETY OF SAINT ANDREW [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  Small coin boxes are distributed and available during the Lenten season to collect pocket change to support the Society of Saint Andrew (SOSA) headquartered in Big Island, VA. SOSA provides volunteer labor and transportation to glean (collect unharvested/ discarded produce) agricultural plots nationwide and here in our region. Our donations are used to provide fuel for the trucks to deliver the food. Service opportunities also exist during harvest times for teams to go and pick/harvest crops here in the area. In addition, SOSA provides us with Advent and Lenten devotionals. For more information about SOSA go to www.endhunger.org.
(ANNUALLY)  [/showhide]
UNITED METHODIST FAMILY SERVICES [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]  Our Christmas Eve offering is given to United Methodist Family Services in Richmond, VA. For 115 years, UMFS has been helping children and families in Virginia reach their full potential. Through the foster care program, foster parents and children find one another and often go on to become adoptive families. Through the residential programs at the Child & Family Healing Center and Leland House, girls and boys overcome trauma and heal. Through the Charterhouse School, students with special needs and autism find help and success. And through the Project LIFE, teens aging out of foster care in Virginia find new skills and a voice. Through all of their services children and families are empowered. For more information go to www.umfs.org. (ANNUALLY)  [/showhide]


St Matthias stands together with our neighbors across the nation to support those in need with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. The following are some of the ways we reach out to our nation:

NEW BEGINNINGS (MAINE) [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] St Matthias has donated over 100 articles of clothing to the “New Beginnings” mission in Farmington, ME. New Beginnings helps young girls, from difficult situations, get back on their feet by providing mentoring and clothing appropriate for job interviews. Donations are collected throughout the year. For donations, contact Dianne Moore. (ONGOING)  [/showhide]
UNITED METHODIST VOLUNTEERS IN MISSION (UMVIM)  [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Various Conference Disaster Response Centers exist to aid in natural disaster recovery efforts through the healing of hearts and homes. With the gift of labor from servants from around the country and donations from countless others, we are able to help qualifying people move from temporary housing to safe, sanitary, and secure homes through UMVIM. St Matthias has sponsored and sent teams for years to rebuild lives and hope to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia for hurricane or tornado relief. We are committed to continuing to send a mission team to disaster locations in the United States. Our contacts are Peg and Barry Jones. (ANNUALLY)  [/showhide]
WINTER WEAR (MAINE) [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Over the past few years, St Matthias has donated several hundred men’s, women’s, and children’s winter coats to Shorey Chapel’s winter wear mission. Shorey Chapel is a small chapel in Industry, ME. The coats are given out during the Thanksgiving food giveaway. Anyone in need of a coat is given one. Winter wear of all shapes and sizes are needed. For donations, contact Dianne Moore. (ONGOING) [/showhide]


We recognize our neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ are not only in our community, region, or nation but are also around the world. We support them by the following:

VIRGINIA ANNUAL CONFERENCE [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
Each year prior to Virginia Annual Conference in June, the United Methodist Women put together supplies for flood relief buckets, layette packets, health kits, canned goods, and school kits to be taken to Annual Conference by our pastor and/or Annual Conference Delegate. These items are then distributed where needed by theUnited Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). (ANNUALLY)[/showhide]
HONDURAS WORLD GOSPEL OUTREACH MISSION [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
Since 1993, World Gospel Outreach (WGO) has been providing opportunities for people from North America to serve in Honduras. WGO is serving the poor in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. They seek to touch them with the love of Jesus Christ through work in three specific areas. Short-term mission teams provide medical, dental, and optical care to the very poor and wash their children’s hair at clinics set up in local host churches. Team members share the Gospel and the love of Jesus with every Honduran who comes to the site. For more information go to www.wgoreach.org or contact Peg or Barry Jones. (ANNUALLY) [/showhide]
RISE AGAINST HUNGER [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Our church is committed to helping end world hunger in this generation. Rise Against Hunger packaging events began in 2005 and supply meals to national and international areas in times of disaster. God’s children of all ages (young and old) package more than 10,000 meals at the event. We also purchase the Sawyer lifesaving water filters to be delivered around the world. Appropriately scheduled on All Saints’ Sunday, we feel blessed to be  a part of this powerful worship experience aiding needy children and families in our country and around the world. Our prayer is that our hands and feet will be those of Christ as He uses us to bless the world He came to save. Wherever possible, in-country organizations work with Rise Against Hunger to help eradicate world hunger in ourlifetime. In the months with five Sundays, a potato bar is held on the fifth Sunday after the 11:00 service. Donations are welcome and the proceeds go to support Rise Against Hunger. For more informationgo to www.riseagainsthunger.org or contact Carole Hall. (ANNUALLY)[/showhide]


Primary support for mission activities at St Matthias comes from the generous giving of money, time, materials, and talents from our members and friends. Throughout the year we conduct the following activities to generate funds for our missions.

LOCAL BENEVOLENCE FUND [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] Baskets are set on each side of the altar on Communion Sundays for anyone led to donate to the Pastor’s Benevolence Fund. This fund is used for those who contact the church for help with utility bills, etc. (ONGOING)[/showhide]
ANNUAL BUDGET [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’] The Missions committee within the church is provided an annual budget to apply towards various mission activities year-round. These funds are allocated to various projects and their disbursements approved annually by the Administrative Council. (ANNUALLY)[/showhide]
DONATIONS FROM CHURCH GROUPS [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]Various groups within the church including the UMM, UMW, Sunday School classes, Youth, Children, and VBS participants provide donations to support various church missions. (ONGOING)[/showhide]
INDIVIDUAL GENEROSITY [showhide show=’show details’ hide=’hide details’]
None of these missions would be possible without the spiritual, financial, and physical support of our church members. We are a small church with a big heart for our brothers and sisters. We live by the words of Matthew 25:35-36, …For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a  23 stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was in prison and you visited me. (ONGOING)[/showhide]

God bless those servants who hear the cries
of the needy and answer